Introduction - Who - Surroundings - What to do

This is an ideal place to rediscover scents and colours: to find back your own senses and
emotions; to relax in the midst of this tropical riches . or to learn how to meditate,
leaving the stress behind you. To beat your burn out without doctors or pills.

Furthermore: reading ( it gets dark at 18:30p.m), or writing that book you have been
thinking about for years, just lying in a hammock, or looking for herbs like Aloe Vera,
spotting colourful birds and butterflies; doing sports, visit the rice farmers, or walk
walk with the buffalo and the cows for a while, visiting the local school (invited by
Jackie) or the large temple in the nearby village (a beautiful walk by the lakes).
Or you could admire the fishermen for a while. .

Jackie will assist you in word and deed. Easy, considering the limited amount of
rooms. She speaks fluent English and above all: she knows her region. She will arrange
your visits to the evening market, the nearby elephant park Ban Ta Klang (12km),
the wild honey village (20km), or the city of Surin (65km).

Perhaps you are interested in an evening of live Cambodian music with dance under
the age-old mango tree. After five minutes you will be jumping along. Guaranteed.

Traditional Thai massage (the real one, not the commercial type!) will be given in your
own room. Jackie's sister is an academically trained teacher (Master) in massage therapy
and will teach a 7-day course if wanted. Those who pass, will receive an official certificate.

Do you want to immerse yourself in the Thai language for a week? Perfectly possible.
Jackie will learn you how to speak basic Thai in seven days.

If you want to learn all about the finesses of the delicious Thai cuisine, you can take a 5-day
workshop in the spacious kitchen. And of course you will do the shopping at the local market.

A herbal steaming sauna is present.