Introduction - Who - Surroundings - What to do

The Mango Cosy Bungalow B&B is located in the middle of a flowery garden
with many kinds of fruit trees...mangoes, bananas and coconuts. It has three
authentic double rooms with toilet and shower. Every room has a spacious terrace.

Chickens and ducks scratch nearby and Jackie's mother, who runs a small local
shop, is weaving silk on her loom. Fish swim happily in an open air reservoir.
Here nobody is starving.

Right around the corner lies a small dirt road that takes you alongside a
large lake, ideal for walking, a bit of boating or throwing a line. Or you
could just admire the lotus flowers that have been floating on the pond for ages.

On the other side lies a smaller lake, surrounded by a gravel path.
The abundance of water triggers a fresh breeze the whole year through:
a perfect place for your morning walk or jogging